If you can track it, you can improve it.

Get started with 20/20 LifeStyles Online today—it’s an innovative personal health coach that helps you achieve the weight loss results you desire. The tracker is availableonline and on iPhone, iPad and Android.

The tracker is FREE and allows you to:

  • Track daily diet and exercise
  • Monitor weight, sleep, mood and more
  • Connect with real experts
Track your diet and exercise daily

Did you know that if you track what you eat on a weight loss program, you’ll double your chances of success? That’s why the Health Tracker is a key feature of 20/20 LifeStyles.

Begin by registering at The Health Tracker is free, and you can use it on the web , or as an app on your phone or tablet device. After you enter some basic information, including age and weight, you’re ready to track your daily habits. Start by recording all the foods you eat for meals and snacks. Many popular foods and restaurant dishes are already in our database. You can also add your favorite foods and meals to make it quicker to record each time.

Enter your cardio and strength training workouts to measure the calories you burn. You can even link a pedometer and track the number of steps you take every day.Other weight-loss factors, including the amount of sleep you get and how much water you drink daily, are also measured.

Using the Health Tracker, you’ll also see the progress you’re making on the dashboard in real time. The Health Tracker is easy to use. And when you incorporate it into your lifestyle every day, you’ll succeed in transforming your life.

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